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Social Media In The Workplace - Right or Benefit

By Guest September 7, 2017

India just passed a historic verdict that rules in favor of ‘right to privacy’. The debate that..

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Millennials at workplace: A different ball game altogether

By Guest March 15, 2017


“Early childhood is the most rapid period of development in a human life. The years from..

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From the diary of a seasoned HR practitioner – Unleash the Power of Employee Recognition

By Guest March 1, 2017

Why employee recognition? Well, let’s talk business first!

Surveys by the Society for Human..

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From the diary of a seasoned HR Practitioner - 7Ps of HRM

By Guest January 31, 2017


Philip Kotler once said, “Marketing is the art of creating genuine customer value. It..

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Understanding leave and leave policies

By Guest January 11, 2017

After having bagged your dream job (congratulations for that!), we believe you would like to..

Decoding Attrition – The Other Side of the Story

By Guest December 21, 2016

“Losing people to the competition could lead to a dip in the company’s market share and..

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Employment Contract: Clauses that are important

By Guest December 15, 2016

Most of us would have heard of the dialogue made by Salman Khan “ek baar jo maine commitment…”,..

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