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Why Payroll accounting is important

By Vinod Gulvady June 19, 2018

No payroll process is complete without performing its accounting activity, as compensation forms..

The Advantages a of Sound Investment Plan

By Vinod Gulvady June 11, 2018

What is Investment?

The most common response that you might get is that it is ‘a process of..

Connected Banking, the future of Payroll

By Rashmi June 7, 2018

Salary processing and payouts are not what they used to be a decade ago. What used to be an..

Tips on Fraud Prevention in Payroll

By Vinod Gulvady May 28, 2018

A continuous & critical process is always subject to audit review to ensure it is free of risks,..

Have you set up a payroll calendar for the financial year?

By Vinod Gulvady May 21, 2018

Life has become so busy for most of us nowadays that either time is chasing us or we are chasing..

Helpful hints for an error-free issuance of Form 16

By Vinod Gulvady May 14, 2018

With a sigh of relief, we can now safely say that we are all done with the income tax activities..

The Ultimate 21 Step Checklist to the Best HRMS Selection

By Vinod May 8, 2018


You are mostly reading this because you are currently tasked with a very critical..

6 key features to look for in a cloud-based leave management system

By Rashmi May 2, 2018


Though a part of the everyday activity of the business managers and HR, leave management has..

Top 7 HR Automation Trends in 2018 in India

By Chandrashekhar April 16, 2018

A shifting uncertain industrial environment is driving companies in India to invest in ways to..

Are your systems configured for the new changes in income tax for 2018-19?

By Vinod Gulvady April 11, 2018


As is the practice each year, the Government presents its Finance Budget explaining how it..

5 simple steps to streamline your payroll process

By Vinod Gulvady April 6, 2018

Any badly implemented process can really be disastrous for everybody. In a world that is vying..

Five Simple Steps to Setup a Payroll Process in a Small Business

By Megha Vijay March 29, 2018

A business idea needs people who can execute it. For some time you may even run the show all on..

Change Management: Worried about transitioning to an automated process?

By Vinod Gulvady March 27, 2018

It is quite understandable that many of us would not want to be disturbed from our comfort zone...

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Plan your Flexible Benefit Allowances for the new financial year

By Vinod Gulvady March 22, 2018

Two things in life are inevitable – death & taxes. So the maxim goes. While the former is surely..

Advantages of online payslips versus manual payslips

By Vinod Gulvady March 14, 2018

For a moment, let us revisit our memories a bit. A few decades ago, our mode of communication..

How prepared are you for the new financial year? 7 steps to your payroll summary

By Vinod Gulvady March 12, 2018

In a couple of weeks, another financial year 2017-18 will come to an end, paving way for a new,..

Maximize net take-home pay: Creating the ‘right’ salary structure for your employees

By Pavan Sharma March 6, 2018

The term ‘salary’ means different things to different people. While an employer looks at salary..

Importance of Statutory Compliance in an organization

By Vinod Gulvady February 28, 2018

It is a common belief that the scope of statutory compliance in an organisation is limited to..

Income Tax: Here’s how much time your payroll team can save this year-end!

By Vishnupriya February 26, 2018

Have you started the tedious process of collecting the income tax proofs from your employees?..

Top Six Payroll Validations for accurate payroll processing

By Megha Vijay February 21, 2018
A small error in payroll processing can cause financial embarrassment for the organisation..

Tax planning tips for 2018

By Vinod Gulvady February 14, 2018

Do you have the tendency to look at the deductions first on your payslip rather than your..

Self-service is giving productivity a dramatic boost. Don’t miss the bus!

By Thushara January 24, 2018

Modest yet powerful, assertive yet endlessly helpful… have you met self-service yet?

Let me do a..

Cloud software vs. on-premise software: A deep dive

By Guest January 22, 2018

Today, all organizations are looking for the agility and constant innovation required to meet..

The business impact of inefficient leave management

By Amol Pawar January 17, 2018

A large part of India’s working population of 640 million works in small and medium enterprises..

5 practical payroll tips for the newly minted HR

By Thushara January 10, 2018

“In 2006, Snowdrop carried out a survey on the relationship between HR and payroll after it..

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HR at your fingertips, anyone? HR tech goes mobile to engage employees

By Thushara January 8, 2018

We admit it. The HR function has been slow to catch on when it comes to technology.

But cloud..

From the C-Suite: A ridiculously simple path to organizational excellence

By Thushara January 2, 2018

People make mistakes. And these mistakes can be costly, very costly. Yet, how much is being done..

2017 at greytHR: A Year of Proud Hurrahs!

By Vishnupriya December 29, 2017

We thank all our customers for a fantastic 2017; it's with your support that we have reached new..

House Rent Allowance: Through a magnifying glass

By Guest December 26, 2017

HRA is provided to employees to offset/balance the cost of living depending on the city/region..

Peering into the future: HR trends for 2018 and beyond

By Amol Pawar December 19, 2017

In the year 2020, India will have the youngest working population across the world. The average..

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Leave Travel Allowance: Through a magnifying glass

By Guest December 12, 2017

The LTA is an allowance paid to the employee by the employer when the former submits original..

8 actionable HR resolutions to fire up your work in 2018

By Thushara December 5, 2017

All the HRs out there who’re attempting to set up and streamline the HR processes at their..

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The minefield that is manual payslip generation

By Thushara November 27, 2017

Payslips cannot be generated using spreadsheets alone. It takes a macro to get the job done,..

Employee separation on greytHR: As simple as 1, 2, 3!

By Thushara November 21, 2017

From generating the right paperwork to responding to urgent data requirements, the separation of..

Payroll software: Miles ahead of spreadsheets

By Thushara November 15, 2017

For payroll processing needs, software is superior to spreadsheets in its functionalities and..

Payment of Bonus Act and Payment of Gratuity Act: Know your essentials

By Thushara November 13, 2017

In the quest to simplify your HR processes, greytHR organized yet another Expert Series Webinar..

Recent trends in rewards & recognition

By Ketan November 7, 2017

In VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) times, companies face challenges in..

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10 advantages of using an attendance management system

By Thushara October 31, 2017

In the quest for increased revenues, and thus, viability, businesses often look outward, rather..

greytHR joins hand with leading Biometric Solution Provider MatrixComsec to offer Comprehensive Payroll Solution

By Udaysimha October 25, 2017


This alliance brings together India’s two pioneers and segments leaders in Biometrics and..

Now, Zoho People customers can enjoy greytHR’s payroll processing capabilities

By Thushara October 23, 2017


Hola! We’re here to announce an exciting partnership with Zoho People which will allow Zoho..

Automation: The key to easy payroll processing

By Thushara October 17, 2017

Payroll processing poses a risk and opportunity for every organization. On the one hand, it is..

Ditch the bell curve: A better way to reward high performers - within budget!

By Thushara October 12, 2017

greytHR hosted yet another Expert Series Webinar, this time around presented by Sriram from..

Up, up and away: Employee engagement can take flight with transparency

By Thushara October 9, 2017

Leveraging the power of transparency may well be the future of employee engagement. Find out all..

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How are employee-employer transactions taxed under GST?

By Pavan Sharma September 28, 2017

To understand employee-employer transactions under GST better, we need to first appreciate that..

The Payroll Life Part III: Payroll challenges faced by CA firms

By Pavan Sharma September 25, 2017

There has been a surge in the number of professionals (Chartered Accountants and others),..

Guide for Giving Loans to Employees -  Gains and Pains

By Sameer Goel September 20, 2017

Are you exploring options to attract and retain the right talent in your company? Finding out..

Inviting all HR professionals to share innovative ideas and win big this festive season!

By Vishnupriya September 18, 2017

As an HR professional, you are always striving to enhance employee experience while..

The Payroll Life Part II: The war for sanity continues...

By Thushara September 14, 2017

They say the first step towards change is awareness. Last week, we took you through some of the..

Social Media In The Workplace - Right or Benefit

By Guest September 7, 2017

India just passed a historic verdict that rules in favor of ‘right to privacy’. The debate that..

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The Payroll Life Part 1: No easy joke

By Thushara September 5, 2017

Life as a payroll professional is not easy. We stand with those of you who brave the onslaught..

Meet 5 rockstars of company culture and... become one!

By Thushara August 30, 2017

The view is very different when you’re standing on the shoulders of giants. Don’t just find out..

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A simple guide to creating a holiday list(s) for your company

By Ketan August 28, 2017

Public holiday – A simple definition

A public holiday or national holiday or legal holiday is a 

Top 7 benefits of using a payroll software

By Vinod August 23, 2017


An expert’s take on contract labor compliance

By Thushara August 21, 2017


Contract employees working on your premises? You are responsible for their compliance! Pratik..

Calling all CAs: The exciting possibilities of technology adoption

By Pavan Sharma August 18, 2017

“Technology [has] undoubtedly been the biggest contributor to the growth of firms over the past..

Contract labor compliance for the principal employer

By Thushara August 17, 2017

Many organizations employ contract employees in the form of housekeeping staff, security guards,..

Important factors to consider while structuring a good leave policy

By Ketan August 16, 2017

Any HR policy is a formal statement that lays down the rules and regulations for a particular HR..

Servicing payroll for startups? Here are 6 key challenges to expect

By Pavan Sharma July 24, 2017

The startup world is a wonderful place to be in. Their success continues to amaze and inspire us..

Leave: Is it a right or a benefit?

By Ketan July 19, 2017

A prologue

The Cambridge Dictionary defines leave as, ‘time allowed away from work for a..

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Snazzy meets practical: greytHR rolls out its all-new login page, improved support, and more!

By Thushara July 18, 2017

We’re thrilled to bring you greytHR in its new avatar - v5.3.7. Here’s the low-down on what’s..

8 reasons why a CA should offer payroll processing services

By Thushara July 13, 2017

In the race to maximize revenue streams and acquire and retain more clients, payroll processing ..

Official HR letters demystified: Getting up close and personal

By Abhilash July 10, 2017

All employees require some or the other letter from their employers due to personal or..

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Is your SME in need of HR automation on the cloud?

By Thushara July 3, 2017

Blindness to a problem is not equivalent to its non-existence.

“[SMEs] don't think they have an..

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Essential reporting for a result-driven company

By Yohann June 28, 2017

‘To efficiently consume integrated data for use in informed decision making is a key to securing..

Seven pitfalls to avoid while generating   Form 16

By Abhilash June 19, 2017


It’s that time of the year when farmers look forward to cultivate the next set of crops, as..

PF process within greytHR: All you wanted to know and more

By Abhilash June 14, 2017

A lot of our clients, greytHR users and readers of this blog wanted information on how to..

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A taste of life with employee self-service

By Thushara June 8, 2017

Are your employees struggling to access their payslips? Or their leave information? Should they..

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What you can expect from an online leave management system

By Thushara May 8, 2017

Irrespective of the size of the organization, hassle-free leave management plays a vital role in..

Structuring FBPs for tax planning and efficient compensation

By Chandrashekhar April 26, 2017

In a world where just about everything is becoming customizable, it’s no surprise that employers..

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Why cloud HR software is taking the world by storm

By Thushara April 24, 2017

57% of companies plan to make a major new HR software purchase in the next 18 months. A whopping..

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Ending the struggle with Excel for payroll processing at NNK & Co.

By Thushara April 21, 2017

It was business as usual at NNK & Co., a CA firm located in the heart of Bangalore.

Pradeep and..

What is Attendance Management?

By Abhilash April 18, 2017

Tracking an employee's attendance is important to your company's profitability, reliability and..

Deciphering HR Budget for SMEs - Part 2

By Ketan April 11, 2017

Having already figured out all the elements that require budgeting in Part 1 of this blog..

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Tips to evaluate a SaaS application

By greytHR April 5, 2017

The SaaS market is getting its pace and a number of vendors are reaching out to the cloud and..

How to evaluate payroll software for small business

By Abhilash April 3, 2017

At your workplace, one of the greatest challenges you may face is purchasing software best..

Talent agency experts share candidate attraction secrets at greytHR Meet

By Thushara March 30, 2017

At greytHR, we value our HR recruitment partners. As a token of our appreciation for their..

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Payroll process on greytHR: Experience the difference

By Thushara March 24, 2017

Have you been wondering how greytHR handles the payroll process? Here’s a closer look at the..

GPS-enabled attendance makes attendance hardware systems redundant

By Thushara March 20, 2017

The age of fast-paced technological change is upon us and the attendance management software..

Millennials at workplace: A different ball game altogether

By Guest March 15, 2017


“Early childhood is the most rapid period of development in a human life. The years from..

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greytHR’s Geo Mark makes swipes and biometrics obsolete

By Abhilash March 9, 2017

Your problemDo you have employees, who work out of multiple offices? Do you have mobile..

EPFO makes major UAN and ECR-related changes

By Abhilash March 6, 2017

The Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) has made major changes to the ECR (Electronic..

From the diary of a seasoned HR practitioner – Unleash the Power of Employee Recognition

By Guest March 1, 2017

Why employee recognition? Well, let’s talk business first!

Surveys by the Society for Human..

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Version 5.3.6: Product Update

By Tanwistha February 17, 2017

Release 5.3.6, comes with some important enhancements in the application. This blog sums up all..

The biggest problem with Leave and how you can fix it

By Yohann February 15, 2017

Leave is something that continues to be in the grey area for most companies. Many aren’t aware..

From the diary of a seasoned HR Practitioner - 7Ps of HRM

By Guest January 31, 2017


Philip Kotler once said, “Marketing is the art of creating genuine customer value. It..

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Processing payroll on Excel? Be cautious.

By Thushara January 28, 2017

Using Excel as a tool for payroll processing started when the other options were either:

7 reasons to switch to a cloud payroll software

By Thushara January 23, 2017

The world over, companies are making the switch to cloud technology for their HR & Payroll..

Understanding leave and leave policies

By Guest January 11, 2017

After having bagged your dream job (congratulations for that!), we believe you would like to..

Leave year-end process: Why it’s time to move on from Excel

By Thushara January 9, 2017

The leave year-end process is a key aspect of leave management in any organization. Leave..

The all-new Data Drive feature: Data collection made easy

By Abhilash January 2, 2017

Do you wish you had an easy way of collecting Aadhaar card and bank account details from all..

Version 5.3.4: Product Update

By Tanwistha December 29, 2016

Release 5.3.4 brings a new feature, Data Drive, along with some major enhancements in the..

Leave year-end process: Quick and easy on greytHR

By Thushara December 26, 2016

It’s that time of the year we all look forward to, the time to bid farewell to 2016 and ring in..

Decoding Attrition – The Other Side of the Story

By Guest December 21, 2016

“Losing people to the competition could lead to a dip in the company’s market share and..

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Win a Christmas hamper worth ₹3,000 by spending just 2 minutes on Facebook!

By greytHR December 19, 2016

‘Tis the season to be jolly indeed! With Christmas just around the corner, we thought we’d get a..

Employment Contract: Clauses that are important

By Guest December 15, 2016

Most of us would have heard of the dialogue made by Salman Khan “ek baar jo maine commitment…”,..

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greytHR’s Help Desk: One feature, multiple uses

By Thushara December 13, 2016

As you may already be aware, there is a Help Desk module in greytHR. It organizes information,..

5 Problems with Payroll Management

By Yohann December 8, 2016

It's a well known fact that payroll management is often perceived as a bane to the ever-burdened..

greytHR’s Help Desk now available on mobile

By Thushara December 6, 2016

As the year 2016 draws to a close, we have some great news to share. The Help Desk module is now..

Generate faster and easier ESI challan with new payment mode

By Abhilash November 30, 2016

As you are aware, the payment towards ESI is deducted and returns filed every month. As per..

Why you should encourage your employees to go on leave | greytHR

By Yohann November 30, 2016

There’s more to leave than meets the eye. Oftentimes, it’s a topic that’s met with a great deal..

Version 5.3.4: product release

By Tanwistha November 23, 2016

Release 5.3.4 comes with some important enhancements in the application. This blog sums up all..

All you need to know about PF

By Yohann November 21, 2016

Chances are, you are part of the Employee Provident Fund (EPF/ PF) or have at least heard of it...

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‘Attracting Excellence at Work and in Personal Life’ was truly a one-of-a-kind webinar

By Abhilash November 18, 2016

On Wednesday, 9 November, our Expert Series webinar on “Attracting Excellence at Work and in..

6 tips to help your employees during the current demonetization drive

By Abhilash November 16, 2016

Difficult situations call for some out-of-the-box thinking.Since 8 November last week, we all..

Salary Structure-What One Needs To Know

By Guest November 14, 2016

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning that I have chosen to pen down some of my thoughts on the..

5 ways to get the most from greytHR

By Yohann November 14, 2016

Human Resources, a title very often misunderstood and flippantly abbreviated. The dictionary..

How to manage workplace conflict?

By Yohann November 8, 2016

Conflict. An inevitable occurrence amongst the living. The intensity of which ranges from the..

Is your head in the cloud?

By Yohann October 25, 2016

In line with the prevalent trend world-over of shifting to the cloud, India is expected to spend..

How happy are your employees?

By Yohann October 18, 2016

We’ve touched on this before that a successful company is one with happy employees. I cannot..

Cut your Form 16 printing costs drastically

By Abhilash October 13, 2016

Are you still physically signing, printing and distributing a large number of Form 16s to your..

Founders to CXOs – An Inside Journey

By Abhilash October 5, 2016

Wednesday, 28 September wasn’t just another day at work after lunch. Well, ask the 20-odd..

Do SMEs need a HR & Payroll Software

By Thushara October 4, 2016

In the rush to establish themselves in the market, SMEs often lose sight of the copious fine..

Version 5.3.3: product update

By Tanwistha September 23, 2016

Release 5.3.3 brings in the Attendance module on the greytHR mobile app, policies for FBP..

West Bengal’s revised PT slabs

By Tanwistha September 7, 2016

Profession Tax (PT) is a tax that the State Governments of India impose on salaried individuals..

Expert Series Webinar - FAQs

By Guest August 31, 2016

The following questions were asked during the recent Expert Series webinar that was conducted on..

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Major Trends In The R&R Space In 2016

By Guest August 18, 2016

Back in the day, it was considered a status symbol to get an engraved watch or pen from the..

Is your payroll statutory compliant?

By Yohann August 8, 2016

Statutory compliance, whichever way you look at it, is a key ingredient that helps in the growth..

Optimize your payroll processing

By Yohann August 8, 2016

Payroll processing is one of the few things that is common and vital, irrespective of company..

What is Payroll Software

By Yohann June 23, 2016


What is payroll software and how does it help your business?

As the name goes, payroll..

Version 5.3.0: product update

By Yohann June 15, 2016

We’re back with a major product update, one that’s going to raise the bar and sure to be loved..

Is your payroll process working for you?

By Yohann June 9, 2016

Gone are the days of manual payroll processing. The spreadsheet/ desktop era has run its course..

Keep Calm and Build Reports - as per The Karnataka Shops and Commercial Establishments Acts, 1961 and Rules, 1963

By greytHR April 14, 2016

From December 2014, you have been busy meeting the deadlines for IT Declaration and submission..

Simplify eTDS with Online FVU Validation

By Yohann March 27, 2016

Tax work is unavoidable but can we at least avoid taxing tax work? Yes, we can.

Budget 2016 and what it means to you

By Yohann March 9, 2016

So it's that time of the year again, when the start of the financial year and the budget 2016..

The payment of Bonus Amendment Act 2015

By greytHR February 9, 2016

Do you know the applicable minimum wages for your industry?

Release 5.1.1: product updates

By greytHR February 1, 2016

It was just a month and half ago that we had a major software release(v5.1.0). And we are back..

Statutory compliance calendar for January 2015

By Yohann January 5, 2016

Companies have to comply with a number of statutory compliances. Here is the comprehensive..

The world is moving toward cloud computing. Are you?

By greytHR September 26, 2015

The Indian market has shown particularly strong growth for the past few years and is predicted..

Here’s a bonanza for greytHR users this tax filing season!

By greytHR September 8, 2015

Online tax filing is a big boon to employees but it does not always work that way. You think it..

Self-help channels to effectively use greytHR

By greytHR May 5, 2015

At Greytip, our USP is our personalized and totally free customer service - right from..

Payroll checklists and reconciliation tools: step-by-step guide to process accurate payroll

By Thushara April 28, 2015

Numerous software systems in the market are made for either experienced users or newbies. At..

Stacowiki-India’s first comprehensive and free statutory compliance website

By greytHR April 22, 2015

We are pleased to announce our new online resource stacowiki—India’s first comprehensive and..

Ways to retain employees in your start-up!

By greytHR April 21, 2015

Does it ever hurt you to not see your favorite waiter at your regular restaurant? You feel..

Statutory compliance calendar for April 2015

By greytHR April 10, 2015

Income TaxCompanies have to comply with a number of statutory compliances. Here is the..

What entrepreneurs can do to make your workplace more exciting!

By greytHR April 9, 2015

Startups! The word infuses so much energy. Yet somehow some start-ups look dull and unexciting..

Employee Portal is the ATM for HR services

By greytHR April 6, 2015

You are all set for a great weekend trip home. You drew some cash at an ATM and downloaded an..

Reduction in the rate of Administrative Charges on PF Contribution from 1.10% to 0.85% of the Pay w.e.f 1 Jan 2015

By greytHR March 17, 2015

The Employee Provident Fund Organisation reduced the PF Administrative Charges from 1.10% to..

10 reasons why SMEs should switch to cloud HR and payroll software

By greytHR March 11, 2015

In our previous blog, we highlighted the tips on evaluating a SaaS app. Here, we highlight the..

Now Access Usage Information of your greytHR Account

By greytHR March 5, 2015

The My Account feature is now enhanced with information on your usage of greytHR. If you are an..

Statutory compliance calendar for March 2015

By greytHR March 2, 2015

Companies have to comply with a number of statutory compliances. Here is the comprehensive..

Three reasons why HR should embrace social media

By greytHR February 26, 2015

These days, customers, management, Human Resources, and employees seem to be literally meeting..

Forget Menus. Type and get your work done

By greytHR February 19, 2015

Software applications today are quite comprehensive and complex. They enable you to do a number..

Friday the 13th: a lucky day for Greytip and Sri Satyanarayana Higher Primary School

By greytHR February 17, 2015

13 Friday, 2015 was a lucky day for Greytip and Sri Satyanarayana Higher Primary School,..

Statutory compliance calendar for February 2015

By Yohann February 2, 2015

Companies have to comply with a number of statutory compliances. Here is the comprehensive..

5 ideas for an efficient business with greytHR technology

By greytHR January 16, 2015

Businesses that squander valuable man hours and productivity lose steam and miss opportunities...

5 ways to save money in 2015

By Yohann January 15, 2015

Businesses that squander valuable man hours and productivity lose steam and miss opportunities...

TDS proof collection made easy with greytHR

By greytHR January 6, 2015

It is time for most companies to start collecting proofs for the declarations provided by..

Greytip wishes all of you a Happy 2015!

By Yohann December 31, 2014

As 2014 winds down, we thank our customers, partners, and investors for the support and..

Leave year-end process & Holiday List for 2015

By Yohann December 31, 2014

As you enter a brand new year, you need to complete the Leave Year End process. Earlier, this..

Firms up to 40 employees are exempted from returns/registers

By greytHR December 18, 2014

The Labor Laws (Exemption from furnishing returns and maintaining registers by certain..

Statutory compliance calendar for December 2014

By Yohann December 9, 2014

Companies have to comply with a number of statutory compliances. Here is the comprehensive..

Pay less, enjoy more!

By Yohann November 7, 2014

We are happy to announce the Save when you Pay scheme for greytHR. Simply put, pay in advance..

Online payment using your credit or debit card now available in greytHR

By greytHR September 30, 2014

The greytHR customer experience just got better. You can now pay online using your credit or..

Recent PF Changes - A complete guide on implementing the same

By greytHR September 24, 2014

The PF department has recently introduced a number of changes on the Employee PF front...

Payroll Processing as per PF Wage Ceiling Revision Made Easier by greytHR

By greytHR September 19, 2014

The PF department had released a series of changes in August 2014. The first was on UAN and..

topicIcon PF

EPF wage ceiling raised to Rs.15,000

By greytHR August 30, 2014

The Government of India on 28 August, 2014 (Thursday) revised the wage ceiling for EPF coverage..

topicIcon PF

PF KYC Bulk Text File Preparation and UAN Management

By greytHR August 23, 2014

Employers have to now comply with the following requirements from the PF department (EPFO).

topicIcon PF

UAN and KYC - Are you done?

By greytHR August 14, 2014

EPFO is at the center stage now. The move to increase the PF wage ceiling, more self service..

topicIcon PF

Employee Documents Management Simplified

By greytHR July 31, 2014

What is Document Management

Employee Document Management is the process of recording,storing,..

greytHR is now integrated with QuickBooks Online

By greytHR July 22, 2014

In continuation of our constant endeavour to integrate greytHR with other popular solutions, we..

greytHR sandbox is now available for testing (Part II)

By greytHR July 7, 2014

In our previous blog post, we made an announcement about the greytHR sandbox.  In part II, we let..

greytHR sandbox is now available for testing (Part I)

By greytHR July 4, 2014

[If you are a recent customer (since April 2014), you are already on greytHR. Please ignore this..

Statutory Compliances for June 2014

By greytHR June 10, 2014

Here is the compliance calendar for June, 2014

Employees Provident Fund (EPF)


Paperless Payroll Processing with greytHR

By greytHR May 16, 2014

In this electronic era where critical business functions are moving away from paper processes of..

The greyt story

By greytHR April 29, 2014

Here is a glimpse of the entrepreneurship journey of Girish and Anjum, founders of Greytip and..

Good news! Announcing the greatest version of Greytip Online ever- greytHR

By greytHR April 25, 2014

Sure, Greytip Online is a big help when it comes to simplifying work. But imagine if it can be..

How to manage conflict in small business

By greytHR April 4, 2014

Even if your business picked up the most suitable people, conflict is not only expected but also..

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Statutory Compliances for March 2014

By greytHR April 2, 2014

Here is the compliance calendar for March, 2014

10 effective ways to know your customer

By greytHR March 28, 2014

Whether you have an online shopping portal or a retail store of garments, the fact that improved..

Best practices to drive a customer success culture throughout your small business

By greytHR March 20, 2014

Whether you have just dived into the world of business or are part of a renowned organization..

The top 5 Payroll time savers for small business

By greytHR February 27, 2014

Payroll can be nothing short of nightmares, especially for small business owners, who often have..

Statutory Compliances for February 2014

By greytHR February 17, 2014

Employees Provident Fund (EPF)

Employee Provident Fund (EPF) is implemented by the Employees..

SME: Sales soar where a brand takes off!

By greytHR February 14, 2014

Name the most successful businesses and you will have a picture of their brands/brand names in..

Smart tips to make meetings productive

By greytHR February 5, 2014

Many people find meetings to be nothing more than gatherings where endless cups of coffee and..

The top 5 payroll mistakes that you can avoid

By greytHR January 22, 2014

Saving cost is one of the prime objectives of most small business owners. Since hiring people to..

5 tips small businesses can use to keep customers buying again

By greytHR January 8, 2014

Irrespective of your business niche, you won’t be successful if you don’t have customers...

Happy New Year

By greytHR December 31, 2013
On the onset, we are ever thankful for all the support you have shown us over the last 12..

How to promote health and fitness of employees

By Sayeed Anjum December 26, 2013

While employee wellness programs might appear to be another costly element for employee benefit..

Want a Five-star team? Go get it!

By greytHR December 12, 2013

A dream-team is one that is efficient and is easily managed. And if the right efforts are made..

Why Leave tracking is important?

By greytHR December 4, 2013

People are one of the critical success factors of a business. Unauthorized absenteeism, lack of..

How to convert a low performer to a best performer

By greytHR November 21, 2013

Even if you have a very good team at work that meets your deadlines and expectations, you might..

5 steps to gain employee trust in small business

By greytHR November 14, 2013

Like any other healthy relationship, it is important to maintain trust and honesty with your..

Tips to manage employees with negative behavior

By greytHR November 7, 2013

There will always be the ‘Johnny-on-the-spot’ employees who are ready to help, are usually..

Employee Engagement: Small businesses have an advantage

By greytHR October 30, 2013

"I am glad this is an environment where you feel free to fail", says the famous Adman Don Draper..

Role of training to ensure performance consistency

By greytHR October 23, 2013

In the competitive business scenario of the present era, improved and consistent employee..

Best practices while writing a business mail

By greytHR October 17, 2013

Being one of the frequently used modes of communication, email has emerged as an integral part..

Small Business: Five smart ways to productivity!

By greytHR October 9, 2013

Thanks to social networking, around 60% of employees worldwide are visiting non-work related..

Why SMEs must have written policy and forms

By greytHR October 1, 2013

Policy may not be the most popular thing in an office, but it is definitely something that..

How to create a stunning job advertisement

By greytHR September 25, 2013

It is very important for a company or a firm to recruit the right staff to climb up the ladder..

How to manage expense claims and reimbursement, paperless

By greytHR September 18, 2013

What is expense claim?

Usually organizations reimburse the expenses incurred for employees towards..

Why do small businesses need a focus on HR?

By greytHR September 11, 2013

Small business CEOs may doubt whether it is a necessity or mere luxury to show more attention to..

What motivates small business employees to stay and contribute?

By greytHR September 4, 2013

In a world where job hopping is extremely common, small businesses usually bear the worst brunt..

Set Up a Help Desk with greytHR

By greytHR August 29, 2013

A pent-up issue of an employee could cause more damage to the organization by affecting employee..

10 Tips to Choose the Right People for your Small Business

By greytHR August 21, 2013

If you are the owner of a small business, it is obvious that you cannot manage everything on..

Greytip showcases at Silicon India StartUp City 2013

By greytHR June 27, 2013

As you may be aware, Greytip was the official HR & Payroll Partner at StartUp City 2013, an event..

Getting ready for the Gen Y while retaining the Gen X!

By greytHR June 20, 2013

In our blog Ride the wave of employee empowerment we brought out why employee empowerment has..

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Relax, it’s just numbers!! (Pun intended)

By greytHR June 10, 2013

As the CEO of your company, how often do you go through reports sent by your Payroll/HR team? How..

How SaaS acts as a catalyst for SMEs

By greytHR May 30, 2013

For SMEs, apart from a business process enabler, Software as a Service (SaaS) can act as a..

Method of new Form 16 generation with Greytip Online

By greytHR May 23, 2013

Our last blog has already updated you about the recent amendment on the Form 16 generation. Now,..

Changes to the format and method of preparing Form 16 for Assessment Year 2013-2014

By greytHR May 16, 2013

As per the recent mandate from the Indian Income Tax department, manually prepared Form 16 or Form..

Ride the wave of employee empowerment

By greytHR May 9, 2013

According to Thomas A Potterfield, many organizational theorists and practitioners regard employee..

The HR Department of 2020: 6 Bold Predictions

By greytHR May 3, 2013


Is the human resources department doomed? Is there any viable future for the HR function? Will HR..

Greytip Online now tracks your UIDAI number as well

By greytHR April 4, 2013

Aadhaar - a 12 digit unique number which the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) is..

Data Safety on the Cloud - A Big Concern?

By greytHR March 26, 2013

This is the era of cloud computing. Cloud is transforming the industry. Cloud is the answer for..

Have you moved your HR Processes to the Cloud yet?

By greytHR March 13, 2013

Cloud-based HR software is a boon to HR folks as it allows data and services to be accessed..

Attendance Management - Made Easy with Greytip Online

By greytHR February 7, 2013

“Time is money” said Benjamin Franklin

Announcing Release 4.2.0 with Attendance and Proof of Investment add-ons

By greytHR January 30, 2013

It’s a new year and time for a new set of features. We are pleased to announce brand new release..

Greytip Celebrates Fast-Paced Growth With 1000 Customers

By greytHR December 3, 2012

We are both proud and excited to announce that 1000 leading organizations from across the country..

Greytip Online selected as one of the Top 9 Tech Products at ProductLaunchPad

By greytHR November 15, 2012

We are proud to announce that Greytip has been selected as one of the nine ‘Product LaunchPAD’..

Greytip Announces Channel Sales Partnership with Ingram Micro

By greytHR September 25, 2012

Ingram Micro and Greytip Software announced a strategic sales partnership through which Greytip..

Product Update: Greytip Online Release 4.1

By greytHR September 10, 2012

We are back with a new set of features and enhancements that we hope enhances the value you get..

Product Update: Greytip Online Release 4.0.0

By greytHR July 16, 2012

We are excited to announce the new product release 4.0.0 with some major updates. The biggest..

Online Income Tax Filing with Greytip & Perfios

By greytHR July 13, 2012

Tax filing season is here and employees are anxious and concerned about this responsibility...

Greytip Online Software Update - Release 3.7

By greytHR December 23, 2011

Here’s our new year present to all our users in advance!

We are excited to announce yet another..

Update on Labour Welfare Fund contribution (Karnataka)

By Sayeed Anjum December 12, 2011

Labour Welfare Fund (LWF) is a deduction mandated by the state government.  Karnataka government..

NAIP - Organizing Indian Payroll

By greytHR December 5, 2011

The service sector accounts for a major share of Indian businesses. In this sector, 50 to 70% of..

Greytip Software wins the InformationWeek EDGE 2011 Award

By greytHR October 3, 2011

People sometimes ask us about our aggressive pricing of Greytip Online and wonder if it makes..

Greytip Online is one of NASSCOM Top-8 SaaS Apps

By greytHR May 27, 2011

We are pleased to be selected for the NASSCOM top 8 SaaS companies in India.Here is what NASSCOM..

Scheduled Maintenance on 20 Feb 2011

By greytHR February 19, 2011

Release date:

20 February 2011 (Sunday)

Greytip Online Release 3.2 - What's New

By greytHR February 19, 2011

Here we are, with another big release for Greytip Online - release 3.2.

Greytip Online Release 3.1 - What's New

By greytHR August 20, 2010

We are pleased to announce our latest release for Greytip Online - Release 3.1.

Greytip Online Release 3.0.0 - What's New

By greytHR May 22, 2010

Greytip Online 3.0.0 is an exciting release with lots of new features and improvements.

Scheduled maintenance on May 23, 2010

By greytHR May 19, 2010

Release date:

23 May 2010 (Sunday)

Online Expense claim - Enhancement to Greytip Online Payroll

By greytHR November 13, 2009

We are building in a feature that would enable employees of organizations to automate their..

Greytip Software Showcased at NASSCOM Product Conclave

By greytHR October 29, 2009

Greytip Software was one of the 12 product companies (and the only one in HR/Payroll category)..

New format of eTDS Returns from 1-Oct-2009

By greytHR October 11, 2009

From October 1st 2009 onwards, organizations would need to file their eTDS returns in a new format..

Meet TeamTWO

By greytHR September 9, 2009

Meet our young team of development rock stars, the TeamTWO.  They are the ones that make things..

Website update

By greytHR September 4, 2009

We are done with revamping our website which was due for some time and returning..

Scheduled maintenance on Aug 30, 2009

By greytHR August 29, 2009

We are having a routine server maintenance / upgrade activity slated for early morning tomorrow.

2011: Future outlook for payroll outsourcing agencies

By greytHR August 19, 2009

By 2011, there will be major changes in the environment for payroll outsourcing/PF consulting..

The new income tax code is here

By greytHR August 14, 2009
"Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler."  - Albert Einstein


Is your payroll spreadsheet accurate?

By greytHR August 9, 2009

Payal always believed she was processing accurate payroll, month after month. Goel pointed out..

Smart Cards For ESI beneficiaries By August 2010

By greytHR August 8, 2009

Sometime back, ESIC (Employee State Insurance Corporation) started its computerization drive. In..

SaaS payroll vs payroll SaaS

By greytHR August 3, 2009


There is subtle difference between saas payr

Which is the best Indian payroll software money can buy?

By greytHR July 27, 2009

Imagine you are the CIO of an enterprise with its legacy HR and payroll system on the last legs..

Spreadsheets, Online Payroll Software, and Eclairs

By greytHR July 23, 2009

Most Indian small businesses rely on spreadsheets to process their payroll instead of using a..

Is your HR & payroll information as valuable as gold?

By greytHR July 17, 2009

Most organizations today consider employee and salary information to be highly confidential...

Startup City 2009 - an exciting experience

By greytHR June 6, 2009

Greytip was one of the 100 odd startups that participated in Startup City event on June 6th,..

Release train chugs along

By greytHR May 1, 2009

We had another important update (release last Tuesday (28 April 2009).  We are planning a..

Coming soon: release 2.3.2

By greytHR April 17, 2009

Is it already 2 weeks since the last release? OK, the team is ready with the next round of updates..

Billions and billions of reports

By greytHR April 10, 2009

Software business has matured a lot in the past decade and feature wars are passe. We are amused..

Income Tax Department issues CBDT notification

By greytHR April 1, 2009

The Income Tax Department has released a CBDT notification to be published in the gazette.

Change of data center

By greytHR March 20, 2009

As our customer footprint is growing, we have decided to take proactive steps to ensure maximum..

Welcome to Greytip Online blog!

By Sayeed Anjum March 18, 2009

In this blog, we will keep you posted with news and updates related to our Greytip Online web..